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About me


I’m a candy aficionado and a sucker for the actor Charlie Hunnam (see what I did there?).  While I’m known in my group of friends to be more of an Airhead, you can still find me hanging out with some of the Smarties and Nerds.

As a newer author on the scene, I’m writing stories with real heroes and heroines that are fun and quirky and may make you giggle while reading. When I’m creating them, I’m usually talking and laughing at myself. It’s okay, you can Snicker at me and my bad jokes, too. I don’t mind.

When I’m not writing I’m either working at my day job or sitting in front of the TV watching something hilarious and eating frosting straight out of the can. My two school-age Junior Mints do not follow in my footsteps (thank goodness) and my very patient and tolerant husband tries not to call me a Goober to my face.

My ultimate goal is to one day find out who Mike & Ike really are.

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